Hawke Binoculars

Hawke binoculars are among the most affordable in the market. The brand has a wide range of different binoculars, from simple but very useful models like Hawke Premier, to high performance like Hawke Frontier ED or Hawke Prostalk ED. During the development, attention has been focused on both optics and mechanics, and all details maintain high quality and durability regardless of model. At Hawke you will always find your model regardless of your needs. If you use the binoculars to watch wild boar, models like Prostalk ED are highly recommended for bird watching Frontier ED but its amazing optics, for reindeer care the above as well as high magnifying variants like Nature Trek 10x50, 12x50 or Nature Trek monocycles 10x50 and 15x50 for easy walks in Nature, general viewing or traveling where smooth models like Premier or Frontier PC Open Hinge work very well, Hawke delivers very affordable solutions to all needs.

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