Trail cameras

Camera traps in Sweden are almost synonymous with Z-aim AB! We are one of the companies that has the absolute longest experience with camera traps. From the turn of the year 2019, we are the general agent of Keepguard, a collaboration we are proud to have been trusted.

We have chosen Keepguard as a brand as their products maintain a consistently high quality and very high performance regardless of model and price level. They prioritize: short Trigger Speed, powerful efficient motion sensor, high image quality, powerful fully automatic IR flash, ease of use and reliability at great price in a very elegant way. Keepguard KG895 30MP HD CLOUD APP is the latest addition and immediately became the test winner in Everything About Hunting and Weapons no. A very decisive factor for eel cameras is how short Trigger Speed ​​they are, because it completely determines how fast the camera wakes, measures and shoots the animal that triggered the camera's motion sensor. Keepguard has as short a Trigger Speed ​​as 0.25 seconds, combined with one of the market's most powerful motion sensor and high image quality belongs to the absolute top tier. Today, cameras with long Trigger Speed ​​of 0.6 seconds do not belong in other than in the budget class so watch out so you do not pay premium price for "outdated technology" because many brands not at all kept up but charge premium price.

Keepguard is one of the market's oldest brands and has been active ever since the beginning of the 2000s. The construction of their cameras is done with parts that are very well tested and of high quality and in the camera technology are found components from major well-known brands. The internal structure reflects a well-developed production technique that comes from Keepguard's long experience.

As one of the largest players in the market, we have a solid knowledge of all cameras as well as test and evaluate them intensively in different environments to know performance and functionality. Our direct contact with the manufacturer means that we are always actively participating in the cameras' continued development!

Your camera purchase with us is always guaranteed with a 2-year warranty and free telephone support. During the warranty period, we apply a replacement guarantee if major faults occur so you do not have to wait for repair. We are a supplier of cameras for various game projects and county administrative boards in Sweden.

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