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Z-aim scopes A few years ago, 6x magnification zoom range was a huge step forward for manufacturers of riflescopes. Z-aim rifle scopes have taken the step up to 10x magnification changer, for you as a hunter, it means greater flexibility over any distance. Visibility is built with high quality and precision for the stringent requirements of the deviation, density, tracking, etc. Glass lenses of high optical quality that are fully anti-glare, lighting-class adapted for shooting both in the dark as daylight, adjustments in cm, ballistic reticles suitable for both fast shooting at close range as well, sidoparallax down to 10meter etc. The eye relief and field of view in class ! 10 year warranty, 30 day satisfaction guarantee with full refund including free usage during this time and money back if not satisfied! Safer purchase is hard to do!

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