Beaver lure and

Lure and bait for beaver. Used for trapping or to lead into territory while hunting beaver. Hunting for beaver is very interesting and nice, long season, from late autumn to spring. In the spring, offers the beaver an incredible game when everything in nature, when all nature again begins to wake from hibernation. The beaver is relatively easy to lure with baits. When stalking in a beaver territory, it is wise to use baits, apply baits on the tip of a long thin birch etc. and publish it in the water and dip a short branch into the attractant and throw on the edge of the creek / river. Remember that like to sit up-stream hut so the water with safety with the scent of beaver when it comes out. The result is usually not compromised. The wind determines the course for the most part were you can sit, beaver?s sense of smell is extremely good, vision and hearing pretty bad. They are also very sensitive to vibration transmitted into water and soil, tread carefully. Stalking the beaver along with baits fits the family?s smallest hunter very well, do not forget a bag of candy and a comfortable chair. The trapping of beaver makes an enticement very much.

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