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Discovery Optics is a very interesting manufacturer of binoculars and accessories that invest in building high quality products with few intermediaries in the sales stage for the lowest possible consumer price but the highest possible quality. For you as a customer, this means that no matter which of your goals you choose, you get a lot for your money. And that is true in many tests made on Discovery Optics products.

The ED series is built with ED glass (extra low color dispersion) from Japanese HOYA and comes with a lifetime guarantee and is built to withstand recoil from caliber 50BMG and spring guns, in addition they are very high in water and impervious by gas filling with overpressure and must be able to lowered 10m for 30 minutes.

The HD model series is built with high-definition (high definition) glass, the same values ​​for recoil resistance and waterproofing. Whatever series you choose to watch, you can be sure they are built for quality and function and deliver more than you expect both optically and functionally.

Discovery Optics uses reticles etched directly on the lens in many different designs, several are very well-liked for air rifle shooting and long-range shooting. Available both illuminated and non-illuminated.

Discovery Optics offers reticle in both the first focal plane and the second focal plane. In the first focal plane means that it is co-magnifying. Co-magnifying reticle have pros and cons but correctly performed most advantages that it can be used for distance estimation, the binocular view is guaranteed free from change in when changing magnification. Discovery Optics succeeds very well in balancing the line thickness of reticles so that cross never becomes so rough that they obscure at maximum magnification. Whether you choose a model in first focal plane or second focal planeor you can be assured that you get top class through technologically advanced manufacturing with high precision.

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We are sure that you, like most people, will be very surprised at the quality of this manufacturer!

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