Vålsjögillret Trap Marten/Mink

Vålsjögillret is a Swedish-developed approved efficient and very smart trap for marten and mink, which offers you several advantages in terms of safety in handling as well as efficiency for maximum catch safety. Vålsjögillret is the only trap that is loaded completely automatically with the buckle arm on the outside of the trap, which makes the handling almost completely risk free and seen other marks of traps, this is a big step forward. We manufacture the Varnish Goggle in galvanized design for maximum durability and reliability. The internal design of the trap includes a simple but clever feature that allows you to set the pressure required on the treadmill to trigger the trap, which gives you full control and more efficient catch. In order to create a fully efficient system, we have developed a box of water resistant material adapted to maximum function in all stages. It holds plenty of litter material, is easy to pick out from the mare / minke when catching quickly removable frontal holes. In addition to this, the box is constructed according to approved dimensions for the tramplatten placement as well as designed to prevent the foot from getting into the trap directly with the foot and releasing the trap before it has got the body and head in the right position. If the mare / mink has stepped into our model, it's a catch and not a miss and a scared mard / mink. A concept with maximum safety and efficiency is what you pay for!

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