Lynx lures and

We sell a variety of baits for the lynx. Some of them are effective only on the lynx and others are also attracting more species. Whichever you choose, you will increase your chances of success with the trap catch or shoot with carrion camera. The agents are developed in the United States of trappers and contains proven ingredients in mixtures proved to be effective for the capture of lynx. Some of these agents are produced by glands, secretions and urine of the lynx. Other contains attractive fragrances from plants, etc. Whatever you choose, you increase your chances, still, of course, correct placement of the trap, and knowledge of fishing with trap is extremely important. Lynx is the winter often easier to attract with baits without meat than with meat. A lynx that are in good body condition can usually find no interest in frozen or fresh cadavers. Like all cats, they are highly territorial marking, follow a trail or are aware of such hearing from old barns, dead tree trunks, etc. so you can often find their marks both visually and with your sense of smell.

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