Ereagle E3 Live Hot Spot

Ereagle E3 Live Hot Spot Wi-Fi trail camera is the first model on the market to broadcast live directly to your mobile phone; free of charge when you are within 60m distance. The camera does not use a SIM card, it makes itself to a broadcast Wi-Fi network which you connect your mobile phone to. Smart and free. You can when you want start the function with the remote control and see live in your mobile. Up close study all game that is out on the food plot. In the meantime, you can capture still images or start video recording, for example, when you decide to shoot! You can control all the camera's functions true the APP and watch all the pictures / movies it previously has taken and also download them directly to your phone.

In addition to this new great feature, the E3 is a very good "regular" game camera with a total invisible 940nm IR flash and fine film and photo quality.

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