Diesel heater cabin / car and more

Ready to use diesel heaters built to be as simple and quick to put into operation as you can. Perfect wherever you simply need a heat source. Warm up your cabin, hunting lodge, car, boat, garage or whatever you want! Powered with a 12V battery, you want to make the system completely maintenance free so connect the battery to a solar panel.

The heater's power, temperature, fan are adjustable, easy to adjust as needed. Can be used with several different control modules, from simple On / Off with fan control to more advanced with built-in timer and remote control. These small portable diesel heaters can be used with direct exhaust or pipe systems that spread / distribute the hot air wherever you want, for example into different rooms.

They come with a complete basic system that contains everything you need to get started. The kit also includes silencers for exhaust exhaust and air intake and wall valves for the hot air into the cabin.

The hot air that blows out of the heater is never in contact with any combustion and is therefore completely free from pollution.

The structure of the system makes it easy to place the burner separately outside the cabin where you stay if desired. These burners are quiet and easy to shield the sound from, the combustion is very efficient so no odor is spread in the surroundings. Simply a more efficient and better choice in the hunting lodge than most things

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