Night Rifle Scopes

Diffrent types of night vison rifle scopes for effective and safe night wild boar hunting has quickly become very relevant in Sweden. In 2019, all forms of night vision and lighting became legal to use for night hunting wild boar. There is a wide range of different night vision solutions and lighting to choose from on the market! At Z-aim AB, we have selected some models and brands that meet what is required. We have completely ruled out selling classic and technically outdated night vision regardless of generation. Simply because these are no longer included in the match and are also sensitive and easily broken.

With us you will find several different thermal rifle scopes, front mounted and common weapon mounted models. These are from a few selceted manufacturers such as Cono-Tech, Guide and Pard. All models we sell have very good image quality and are well advanced in development. We work directly with the manufacturers for the best price picture and best service.

Our range also includes digital binoculars from the manufacturer PARD. Digital Rifle Scopes has developed extremely rapidly in recent years and Pard is very far ahead with its products. In terms of their models, performance, function and quality you can easily say that you get an extremely high function night vision rifle scope at a low cost, which includes film function, photo, IR lamp, laser sight!

Laser designator is also an easy way to effectively use any rifle scope as a night sight and reach out to several hundred meters with perfect precision. Yet many holds the designator high because it is used with the regular scope and the weapon works as usual for quick follow-up shots and up close during search of wounded animals or field hunting. We only sells our own model Z-aim UnlimitedX, which has long been considered one of the best.

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