Mormyska is the most winter anglers obvious choice to entice sluggish fish to bite. Common materials to manufacture mormyska is of the lead and tungsten. Tungsten has the advantage to be even heavier than lead, which means that a jigs made of tungsten can be made even smaller and still have the same weight. The idea is to use as little models as possible but still get a good stretch on the line and maximum feel of the bite.

Mormyska can be fished as solitary or spoon. Many people choose to use small "ultralight" jigging rods with extremely sensitive peak with strike indicator and fishes exclusively with the mormyska on a very thin line. When fishing for big trout, trout, perch many anglers choose equipment that can challenge even the biggest fish. Usually when a heavier rod with spun line, some kind of flash spoon and mormyska below. 

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