Flashing fishing light

Flashing fishing light of various kinds are now very popular for ice fishing, mainly for game fish for trout, brown trout and rainbow trout. But they also work well for winter fishing for perch, burbot and other fish species - the most species seem to be attracted by the light of fishing light. Double flashing, single blink, Disco, SS are some of the different flashing models also are presented in different colors and in example embodiments.
Some begin to blink when they come in contact with water, other starts flashing when screwed together. There are pros and cons of all variants. Some models attach on the line above the lure, others have flashjig built-in spoon, as well as models with metal casing attached to the glare so it also rattles a bit when you tipple with it. Sound waves in the water often attracts the fish! And follow often giving bigger catch than without.
It is available in many different colors, and which one to choose is a little hard to say. We recommend that you test your way to the right in the water that you are fishing in.
How does a blinkpirk?
Blinkpirkens task is to with a flashing light to attract fish from far distances and cause it to then cut bait. P & T water is sometimes allowed to fish with two rods at the same time, and then it tends to be very popular to put out a rod and letting the light from blinkpirken do the job without having to pirka the rod.

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