“Welcome to Z-aim - Your Partner for Hunting, Fishing, and Outdoor Gear!

We are proud to introduce the new Z-aim, now under the management of Maskindelar Sverige AB (Org. No. 559128-4897). We welcome you to our business at Björnstigen 2 in the picturesque town of Lycksele, Västerbottens County.

The history of Z-aim began in 2004 when we introduced our own shooting support, the Z-aim Hunter, patented by our founder, Mats Lindström, who continues to be a driving force behind our product and assortment development team. In 2006, our company became a public limited company, and in the same year, our versatile gun sling, the Z-aim Pro Stalker, was launched.

Since then, Z-aim AB has continued to be a trailblazer, constantly seeking and developing new efficient equipment for hunting, fishing, and camping to include in our range. Our in-house range is constantly expanding with more products. Our fundamental philosophy is that every product we deliver must be efficient and functional to elevate your hunting, fishing, and camping experience to new heights. We are not just manufacturers - we are also hunters, anglers, and outdoor enthusiasts, and we understand the importance of reliable equipment.

At Z-aim, you are always our top priority, and we strive to continually improve and expand our range, as all those who love outdoor and wilderness experiences need. Our hope is that you will find exactly what you are looking for with us, and that our products will provide you with exactly what you need for a long time to come.

Our passion is to precisely deliver the hunting, fishing, and camping gear you need to make your outdoor experience even better!"

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