Floatation clothing - Thermotic

Warming and save lives in the most efficient way!
Thermotic floatation is like floating underwear, life jackets, flotation suit and are ideal garments both to save your life in case of accidents where you fall in the water while the clothes are great at keeping you warm when hunting, hiking and snowmobiling.

You get access to excellent security on the lake with the boat, and when you go snowmobiling in the winter. Theromotic has a variety of fine products for the whole family as well as hunting dog. On an almost obemärkligt way you get access to the buoyancy of strength to save your life.

Since the late 80s Thermotic developed and marketed flotation suits in different designs and models for various applications. The company has built up a very broad competence in the area hypothermiska (body cooling). For product purpose, a special material designed to retain heat in the water and cooling. The material has very high load capacity and is already as thin layer of the buoyancy needed to keep a person afloat.

Thermotic means "self-heating" and in this case means a material that heats much better than most other materials, whether it is wet or dry, which is Thermoticprodukternas unique properties.

In recent years, products in other applications developed and primarily floating underwear - Float Underwear - but also in horses and dogs and other product areas such as seat and lumbar heat, snowmobiling its heat, its heat ATV and moped his heat, his bike seat cover etc. Furthermore, we are constantly developing new products of this excellent material in both wet and dry in different product areas.

The material (lining) works in much the same way as a wetsuit which means that it heats whether it is dry or wet (wet suit principle) and therefore is effective in all kinds of bad weather conditions and in the water.

All products by Thermotic based on a very high quality, environmental and functional thinking and must be at its best when the weather forces are the worst.

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