Keepguard Trail cameras

Z-aim AB is the general agent of Keepguard trail cameras in Sweden since the beginning of 2019. That we continued to only sell and market Keepguard is no coincidence but a very careful choice we made after testing and compared the brand to all other cameras we had available. With our great knowledge in the field, we dare say that Keepguard gives our customers not only very high performance and reliability but also a very affordable price! Keepguard has shown us a new world with an incredibly low error rate and a drastically reduced need for service and support for our customers! Just what you can expect from products from one of the market's oldest manufacturers!

KeepGuard's product range of game cameras today covers all needs and functions with both sending and non-transmitting cameras in different designs and price levels. You will find your camera no matter what your needs and if you need help to choose, we will be happy to help! Your model is available regardless of whether you want to photograph & inventory game or need an effective surveillance camera as alarm to the cottage.

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