Lockmedel för effektiv åteljakt

Wild boar has an excellent smell used both to the foraging and to detect danger. Therefore, it is quite possible that hunters using their sense of smell and create advantages in the race by using attractant that triggers their minds. One can focus on the use of fragrance as they like to rub against, baits that give flavor to food, and even those who mix these benefits and also act as? Scent cover? for yourself. We have mainly focused on finding well-proven and effective means of wild boars like to rub it in with as well as funds that add fragrance to the scene and attract the pigs to come. We avoid selling agents in larger quantities to be mixed in the feed to give the flavor because of that we do not think artificial flavors / chemicals belong in the game. We sell also no medium that contains salts that are not good for pigs. Lure with scent of oestrus is of course obvious in its range because of these animals can be in heat several times a year.

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