Tillbehör & utrustning för effektiv lockjakt!

Mouth call that calls in foxes, moose, crow, brar, lynx, goose, deer, wild boar, duck, venison. We offer one of the largest range of mouth blown calls  and accessories in Sweden. With the right call and equipment you easilly mimics hare distress calls, woodpecker, bird calls, muouse, crow sounds, geese, moose etc. We carries Dan Thompson PC2, FoxPro, Crit'R Call, Burnham Brother's, Faulk Predator, Knight & Hale, Red River, Sceery, Verminator, Zepp's, Wayne Carlton, Tally-Ho, Primos, HS others.

More and more hunters are discovering how fun and exciting hunting cap with mouth-blown calls is. Success requires that you are well prepared and have been training on using the call properly to create lifelike sound cap. The fox is a rewarding game to attract with the bird call or electronic calls.

Also take part in our selection of movies and books about the Cap game where you once find many that are made of the most legendary hunters in industriy. 

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