Wireless Game camera

Z-aim AB is one of Sweden's most experienced and oldest supplier of cameras and has been in the industry since its inception. We have represented several different brands over the years and have been the general agent of UOvision since their start. Z-aim has played a major part in their development from the first prototype and contributed many suggestions on features and improvements made to what they are today. Now by the end of 2018, however, it is time for us to move on and become a representative of a new brand that stands for high quality, operational reliability, innovative features and that puts the customer in the first place! For us this feels very exciting and we look forward to joining and introducing a brand of future spirit and driving in its development! We are convinced that our brand selection is right and that the new brand will benefit our customers with cameras with consistently high performance!

Even so, you will find other brands of famous manufacturers in our range. Safe products that you can trust. Please keep an eye on KeepGuard as we have a good relationship with and who have been in the industry for a long time and today have high performance cameras at great prices.

The brands we market are WildGuarder, KeepGuard, Scout Guard, Stealht Cam, Bresser and BolyGuard. Over the years, we have accumulated great knowledge of the subject that you can benefit from. We often participate actively in the development directly against the manufacturers and can provide the best possible warranty and service. An MMS / GPRS camera offers incredible opportunities to effectively monitor, in principle, everything you might want: Wild, home, cabin, workshop, diesel, construction machines, airfields, companies etc. We sell surveillance cameras to private individuals, companies, police, military, government research projects, county boards, WWF (World Nature Foundation) etc. If you are not sure which camera suits your needs, ask us before purchase and we can help you choose the right model. We will provide replacement warranty in case of errors for the fastest possible service.

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