"Garmin Astro Dog Track Antennas – Improved Performance and Safer Hunting
With us you'll find a comprehensive range of Garmin Astro dog range antennas, including models to suit the DC30, DC40, DC50, 320 and 220. With our high-performance Garmin antennas, you can expect significantly increased range, fewer frustrating signal losses and faster feedback during the hunt.
Our Garmin antennas offer several advantages:
Extended Range: With our antennas you get a significantly longer range, which increases the chances of keeping track of your dog over larger areas.
Improved Reliability: Our reliable equipment reduces the risk of losing contact with your dog and increases safety during the hunt.
Ease of Use: Our antennas make it possible to easily pick up the signal from the necklace to your handset without being in immediate proximity.
We have extensive experience in selling antennas and our models are carefully selected and tested to ensure high quality and performance. If your dog's collar still has the original antenna, it may be a wise idea to replace it before it breaks mid-hunt.
If your necklace is a few years old, we also recommend replacing the battery to restore battery life and ensure optimal performance through correct battery voltage. We offer high-quality batteries that come complete with electronics and connectors, making it easy for you to perform the change yourself.
Take your hunting comfort to new heights with improved performance and reliability."

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