ATV brush mover, multi cutter

The market's strongest and most efficient ATV-coated multi-deck with a much wider range of uses than other types of ATV-drawn mower. With Z-aim Brush Mover is easy to cut brushwood with a diameter of 40mm by roadsides, fields fallow, cut very untamed wild field, mow large lawns, and much more. Have you thought about improving your game management is the right machine for success.

Equipped with the largest original Loncin V-twin engine of 25hp, 803cc four-stroke OHV engine, greatly axles combined with height adjustment up to 35.5cm, cut thick and tall grass, 40mm, and brushwood without problems where you do not even dare try with other models . Sturdy 19 "off-road tires for low ground pressure and excellent traction.

Perfect for hunting parties, villages and in agriculture. Cutting speed up to 12km, the lowest cutting height 2cm.

Steady thought out and easily serviced design with access to spare parts and 2-year warranty.

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