Z-aim™ Z-aim Hunter Shooting rest Z-aim Hunter Shooting rest Z-aim Hunter Shooting rest Z-aim Hunter Shooting rest Z-aim Hunter Shooting rest Z-aim Hunter Shooting rest

Z-aim Hunter Shooting rest

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Z-aim™ Hunter

  • The user friendliness gives instant access to a big variation of shooting positions and very good support in aiming and firing for a perfect shot. The time from spotting the game to firing can be reduced.
  • The intelligent design also gives the shooter a very low profile in the terrain; he is harder to spot for the game. The silent handling reduces the risk of alarming your target.
  • If you are forced to you can aim and fire in the traditional way without problems or risk of getting your fingers hurt in sharp edges or other parts.
  • Adds a minimum of weight to the rifle. It doesn’t effect the balance of the rifle in a way that many other brands do, and of course its light to carry.
  • The slim design with no protruding parts makes it almost unnoticeable when carrying or handling your rifle.
  • Z-aim Hunters rail connecting system fits both piccatiny rail and weaver rails. The included original conneting system fits almost all standard rifles and gives an outstanding attachment that secure your rifles precision. With other brands connected only to one point on the fore arm you often has to struggel with problems with the precision.


They tested them in a broad number of aspects, and selected Z-aim™ Hunter as test winner. Quote “We believe Z-aim™ Hunter is one of the most interesting innovations on the weapon market for a long time. We are so impressed of the stability that’s why we have chosen Z-aim™ Hunter as the test winner.”


One of Sweden’s biggest Hunting Magazine Jaktmarker & Fiskevatten edition 2006 issue no 6 tested the shooting rest’s on the market.


This combined gives the user of Z-aim™ Hunter more confidence, a more effective shooting and also a reduced the risk of accidentally injuring the game.


Z-aim™ Hunter is light, easy to use, quick, silent and has a slim design with no protruding parts.This gives the user many advantages compared to other shooting rests on the market.


Z-aim™ Hunter is a new innovative patented shooting rest with unique design developed for effective hunting. The construction gives Z-aim™ Hunter a number of benefits; it’s very effective in a big variation of shooting positions. It covers it all from laying down, sitting to standing. Only your imagination sets the limit for how you use it.

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