"Vacuum Bags and Vacuum Rolls"

At Z-aim, you can rest assured that you are purchasing vacuum bags and vacuum rolls of the highest quality at a favorable price! Our bags are made of co-ex PA/PE material, ensuring exceptional properties and top-notch quality. They are completely non-toxic and can be boiled, and their thickness makes them extremely resilient against punctures from bones or when handled in the freezer.

Our combined thickness is a substantial 180 microns, whereas many others market bags with only 90-100 microns. It's easy to understand the difference in durability and performance when you choose our top-grade material.

  • The multi-layered co-extruded nylon films of PA/PE used in our vacuum bags give the material its recognized status as the very best for producing vacuum bags of the highest possible quality. Co-ex PA/PE material in our vacuum bags creates a high barrier film with outstanding performance in many ways. The material is built up through multi-layer co-extrusion of the individual materials (PA, PE).
  • Co-ex PA/PE material boasts excellent high-temperature resistance, exceeding 100 degrees Celsius, making it perfect for long-term cooking of vacuum-packaged foods. It contains no harmful substances, making it an excellent choice for use in sous vide machines.
  • Co-ex PA/PE material retains its high-quality properties at low temperatures, making it ideal for freezing, unlike many other materials that can become brittle or stiff.
  • The combination of materials and the manufacturing process in which PA/PE is multi-layer co-extruded give the material outstanding barrier properties against oxygen, water, carbon dioxide, and more. This high barrier capability ensures maximum durability and preservation of freshness and flavor for the packaged foods.
  • Our co-ex PA/PE vacuum bags weld excellently. The thickness of the bags allows for deep embossing, giving the vacuum machine optimal conditions to remove all air.
  • Co-ex PA/PE material is also suitable for aseptic packaging, inflatable packaging, and use in textile, food, electronics, hardware, chemical, photoelectric, and other industries that require vacuum packaging.
  • Compared to glass packaging, aluminum foil packaging, and other plastic packaging, co-extruded co-ex PA/PE materials offer significant cost advantages without compromising on barrier performance.
  • In summary, co-ex PA/PE is a double-flexible material with excellent mechanical properties, making it highly suitable for vacuum packaging. It is extremely resistant to punctures and tearing.

We hope that our comprehensive explanation of the material and its properties helps you make the best choice for your needs. As a hunter, fisherman, or self-sustainer, you know how much work and energy it takes to obtain your own game meat, fresh fish, vegetables, and mushrooms. A perfect packaging is essential to maximize the shelf life of these treasures, and with our products, you are in safe hands!

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