Effective Bear Attractants - Z-aim BearCover Scent Lure

Explore our range of high-quality bear attractants. We have developed our own Z-aim BearCover Scent Lure, known for its unbeatable effectiveness and sold in large quantities to repeat customers every year. This attractant makes it easier than traditional baiting methods and provides greater freedom to locate bears in your hunting area.

Z-aim BearCover Scent Lure is a completely synthetic attractant, meaning it can never carry any diseases or risks. This attractant is primarily used to lure bears to baiting sites, where hunters often place trail cameras to photograph and monitor bear activity. By using Z-aim BearCover, you can easily inventory the bear population in your hunting area and keep track of which bears visit the site, making it an invaluable resource throughout the hunting season.

According to our customers and tests, Z-aim BearCover Scent Lure is the most effective bear attractant on the market. It is used by hunters all over Sweden and has proven extremely successful in attracting bears. Watch the video of a large bear rubbing against Z-aim BearCover, demonstrating the product's incredible allure:

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