Laser Designator Z-aim

Laser Designator A laser designator basically acts as a flashlight with adjustable beam. The difference is that the lighting is done with a green laser through an optical system to illuminate a larger area (10m diameter of 100 meters) with a green and clear light in the distance. Laser design the converter?s unique feature creates the conditions to illuminate targets at night and look at them through an ordinary rifle scope. With Z-aim Unlimitied you at night, no problem shooting out to 300m with good precision with your regular rifle scope. Animals which are illuminated with laser design tractor green light reacts very rarely negative. The advantage of laserdesignator over night vision sights are obvious, you do not have to replace mind, their eyes reflect the laser and exposing them. You can see farther and clearer than in most night vision and above all, you will get these benefits at a much lower price compared to a night rifle scope. Our laser designator is also developed for use in our northern climate with very cold weather, therefore let us build a heating system which preheats the laser and allows operation down to-25C. Besides that, we have built the product to withstand tough conditions and provide maximum field of view. Completely made of quality aluminum and coated lenses made of glass. Z-aim Unlimitied is superior to you carrying on controlled hunting of wild boar in the cornfields. In Sweden, however, is not the product legal to use for fox hunting in the dark, otherwise it would have been a dream product for this when the foxes do not care about the light. Note that this type of laser that covers a large area is not dangerous to your or their eyes. The product output power is 40mW, power is spread over a large area and becomes totally innocuous. Typical laser-pointer with small cone starts to become dangerous at about 40mW because all light is collected within a small area. A laser power / danger is measured within a small area (7 mm in diameter), corresponding to the eye?s pupil. We at Z-aim is unequivocally opposed to laser products that can be harmful, and look forward to a decision to ban the sale of powerful laser pointers are taken.

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