Electric diamond grinder Atemi Nordic 60W Electric diamond grinder Atemi Nordic 60W

Electric diamond grinder Atemi Nordic 60W

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A grinding machine that in our own test surprised in efficiency and function. Its worst knives with large notches in the egg from washing machine were restored in no time! The grinding result without any other action was far above expectations. The support surfaces for the angle of the knife are very good so the grinding makes no demands whatsoever other than to pull the knife at a steady pace. An obvious grinding machine perfect for all homes and hunting teams. Very much machine for the money!

Two-stage electric knife grinder. the grind has two steps, one rough and one fine. Can be used for straight and grooved leaves. The grinding blades are coated with diamond as the grinding effective and makes the blade quickly sharpened. Start with roughening and finish with fine grinding. The chassis design automatically guides the knife to the right angle for best sharpness. If you want a very sharp edge, you can finish on a really nice brown. Recommended for home users or small professional kitchens. Voltage 230V / 50hz, power 60W. Warranty 1 year

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