Pike scissors Double Stainless 2-pack Pike scissors Double Stainless 2-pack Pike scissors Double Stainless 2-pack Pike scissors Double Stainless 2-pack

Pike scissors Double Stainless 2-pack

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Double scissor of 2mm stainless steel with solid rivet. A very strong pasture for summer and winter fishing. Fishing pike with scissors is often very popular with everyone and especially the younger ones.

Fishing with scissors and still releasing the vast majority of prisoners is no problem at all. Usually the scissors only sit in the upper jaw so that the damage quickly heals together well, and the scissors are very easy to loosen. The risk of damaging a pike seriously is higher with fishing with trauma where skin lesions that easily lead to bleeding are higher risk, while the release often takes longer.

In winter, the scissors are exposed with birch wood and a stick across the hole, the bore should not be less than 150mm. The longer part of the wood crayon should be about 25cm below the ice and the line is tied up a bit and then wound up after the depth, the tip is cut so that the line can be wedged. When the pike hugs, the line loosens out of the groin and the pike gets more lina.

Do you want to fish with pike sissor in the summer is an easy way to put a straight in the bottom with the bitten scissors hanging down like from a pole. This method requires that the slurry can be pushed down sufficiently deep into the bottom or the edge of the beach and that you do not set a flat angle that allows a larger pike to pull it up. This is an easy way to fish in seals and streams if you want to try to reduce the number of pike in certain streams.

Another very fun method is to use a dunk or a liter bottle and mount the scissors in it, then lay the device and let it drift with the wind on the lake. The liter bottles in combination with larger pike are often highly appreciated features of the younger fishermen.

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