ice winter nymph, tungsten, luminous, orange ice winter nymph, tungsten, luminous, orange

Ice Winter Nymph fl. orange G.H Stl.10

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The very popular series with Ice vinternymf exclusive well bonded nymphs with heads of Wolfram. Förtyngningen by Wolfram provides effective lens-stretch and perfect feeling we too cautious bite.
Bound in high-quality sharp Mustadkrok that keeps for really big fish. Nymph is effective when fishing for perch, trout, trout, and whitefish have. Choose the color that you think fits in your water. Available with Wolfram Main in gold or bright colors.
Vinternymf and winter flies have been used throughout the ages as an effective way to annoy started winter sluggish fish. Can be fished in many ways, that annoys directly under pireken but even without jig when the fish are really careful.

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