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Z-aim Feeder Spin

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Our newest addition of animal feeder that are able to work as headfeeder with large amount of feed several times a day. The spreader has a smart body of rugged UV-resistant plastic that makes all management simple. The shell is completely waterproof and makes the digital timer and battery easily accessible. The inner chassis and mounting arms are made ​​entirely of metal, making the spreader very stable and durable. The cast plate is made of aluminum and equipped with hatch to prevent feed from flowing and birds, etc. to access the feed.

Z-aim Spin comes standard with no solar panel and remote control. The advanced digital timer is designed for connecting solar panel and remote control, these accessories can later be purchased separately if you want to upgrade.
Z-aim Spin is as reliable and has the same powerful trow as our other models. The same proven powerful engine, the same proven digital timer, the same nice spreader plate. The difference is that parts of the shell is made of UV-resistant plastic, all the structural elements are of course made ​​of metal. The cover design is very well designed for maximum ease of use and waterproofness.
Technical Specifications:
1. 12V powerful engine - the same that we use in our other test winner.
2. Digital timer with LCD display and flashing warning before the start of the spread.
3. Number of passages / day: 6PCS separately adjustable.
4. Adjustable throw: Yes, Low, Normal, High
5. Adjustable spridartid: Yes, 1-60 seconds per spridartillfälle.
6. Test mode: YES, start after 10s - spreads in 4sekunder.
7. Control of solar panel: Yes
8. Control for Wireless Remote Control: Yes
9. The battery inside the diffuser: YES, 12V 7Ah (optional)
10. 2 years Warranty
The spreader comes assembled, just to fix on food barrel and plug in the battery.

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