AA 1.5V Lithium Ion, Z-aim Bear Claw AA 1.5V Lithium Ion battery, Z-aim Bear Claw Bear Claw Lithium tål tuffa förhållanden som kyla utan att tappa effekten! Ett måste i MSS-kameran under AA 1.5V Lithium Ion battery, Z-aim Bear Claw

AA Z-aim Bear Claw Lithium Iron

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Bear Claw AA 1.5V Lithium Ion Battery
Lithium Iron battery sustains 6x higher capacity than alkaline batteries . The difference in capacity compared to alkaline or rechargeable batteries are incredible, we ourselves use solely those batteries in all trailcameras and Garmin Astro and can tell that the difference is like day and night . First and foremost , it is sufficient for much longer while it shows significant difference on the camera's operation against when using alkaline .
The Lithium batteries makes the IR flash work optimally without fading until the batteries are completely drained. Another significant difference is how much better lithium batteries keeps working in the cold , they keep capacity unchanged down to - 30C and make sure that your MMS, GPRS , SMS, game camera delivers what you expect even then. If you use regular alkaline AA batteries your camera syops to send images at about -15C.
Lithium batteries are ideal for all types of electronics like cameras , game cameras , digital camera , GPS , etc., many users put them in their Garmin Astro .
We strongly recommend that you only use lithium batteries in your game camera so you are sure that it works perfectly in all conditions and that you always get the longest possible run time without changing batteries. Z-aim Bear Claw is used by several big companies that have high demands on their batteries , and of course they also looks at purchase cost. Bear Claw tearing down competitors both in performance and price.



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