Keepguard KG45 SMS GSM Magnetic Keepguard KG45 SMS GSM Magnetic Keepguard KG45 SMS GSM Magnetic Keepguard KG45 SMS GSM Magnetic Keepguard KG45 SMS GSM Magnetic Keepguard KG45 SMS GSM Magnetic Keepguard KG45 SMS GSM Magnetic Keepguard KG45 SMS GSM Magnetic

Keepguard KG45 SMS GSM Magnetic

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Keepguard KG45 is an alarm developed by Keepguard and Z-aim AB to be used for all catches conducted with live trapping traps. It also works well with body grip traps. The alarm is a legal and very smart way to streamline and enable simple and humane use of live traps. With an alarm mounted to your trap you completely avoid going out and checking the traps daily. Without alarm, by law, you should check all of your live trapping traps twice a day. The alarm means that trapping with live traps suddenly becomes easy and much cheaper to operate. If you catch wild boar with a trap, trap alarm is a legal requirement!

Keepguard KG45 works by sending and receiving SMS messages.
The GSM alarm sends status messages twice a day, which you receive directly to your mobile phone. Each message contains: alarm name (choose it yourself, good if you have several), time / date, battery power, signal strength.
Magnet Activated: When the trap is triggered, the magnet is detached from the alarm and the message is sent directly to the specified telephone number. The KG45 continues to send alarm reminders periodically until you deactivate it with a text message.
If you want, you can call the alarm and listen if you hear the animal or, for example, voices.
KG45 is easy to use and program. You need a SIM card with SMS service and batteries.
You can easily enter via SMS codes: which phone number (s) the alarm should send messages to, what times the status messages should be sent out, what name the alarm should have, etc.
The alarm is attached to / next to the trap, to the magnetic trigger you attach a line that is adjusted so that the magnet is removed from the alarm when the trap strikes again.
The alarm draws some power and can sit out for months on the same batteries. Standby Consumption: 0.15-0.20ma / day.
The alarm includes: antenna, two magnets, mounting strap, rope, instruction book.
Selection of batteries: As with camera cameras, your choice of batteries affects the function of the alarm and how long the power lasts. If you use the alarm in winter time, Z-aim Bear Claw Lithium is recommended for the simple reason that it works even if it is -30C.

All alarms / status messages you receive will end up in your message inbox. You can easily see the course of events during the time the alarm was out. We have chosen not to use any APP for KG45 for the alarm to be easy to use regardless of technical knowledge and to minimize the risk of external disturbance. SMS codes understand everyone to use and it is managed by a few codes.

With Keepguard KG45 GSM alarm for your traps you always fulfill your obligation to control and no animals risk being trapped in the trap for longer than absolutely necessary. The problem of checking traps every day is otherwise the biggest obstacle to using live traps.

Move the button from Off to On, red light comes on indicating KG45 start-up. If the battery power is low, the lamp flashes.
If the alarm is set to ON position without the magnet in place, it enters programming mode. The GSM module starts and is connected in STANDBY. If a mobile number is programmed, an information SMS is sent to the specified number containing the selected name, time / date, battery power and signal of the alarm. If the SMS message was successful, a green light is on. Before programming, always make sure that the SIM card you are using in the alarm is active and charged with money.
If the alarm at startup detects that the magnet is mounted, it switches to active alarm mode after 3 minutes. If you remove the magnet before it sends an alarm.
If the magnet is removed when the KG45 is in active alarm mode and the magnet is removed, an alarm is immediately sent out to the recipient / recipients' stated mobile number.
When the magnet is removed and the KG45 has tripped, the alarm continues to send "reminder" alarms at regular intervals. The function is interrupted only when the receiver responds to the alarm. Each SMS alarm contains information about the alarm's name, time, date, signal strength and that it was triggered.
You set yourself what time (s) you want the alarm to send daily status report. The status report includes: name of alarm, time / date, signal strength, battery status etc.
If the alarm is switched off (SMS), it enters standby mode.
Entered mobile numbers and admin can be deleted if needed.
If you want to intercept the site at the trap, call it!
 Indicator lamps and their significance.

Red light: In start-up mode ON with magnet but not apertured, the alarm lights red all the time.
Flashes red at 0.5s intervals at startup, battery power is low, alarm goes into standby mode after 20s
Green light: In ON mode and In programming mode with magnet removed and everything works, the alarm lights green. The lamp does not light if the alarm detects errors with SIM card or there is no mobile signal.
Water resistance: IP67

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