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Z-aim FlexiTowe is a smart and strong multidrag strap designed to greatly simplify towing out wild game like bear, elk, wild boar, deer and more. Use it with a ATV or to you manually pull out game. With FlexiTowe you never need to tie and can quickly regulate the draw length between ATV and game sled completely as needed out to 8.6 meters. Everything becomes so much easier and safer….

Independent test persons have found many new use cases where the strap is effective and found that their own imagination is what sets the limit for how / when it is used and that it is a product you uses more and more! Read the product review on one of the pictures, it is taken directly from one of our test persons who were randomly selected on our INSTA gram account: Hunterszone.

They have towed game, hoisted game, pulled cars out of ditches, secured trees during forest work, secured trailer loads, moored boat and much more. Its construction that eliminates the need to connect makes an incredible amount possible.

Strength: 1250kg loop to loop. If you need even higher tensile strength when, for example, pulling a car out of the ditch, you can easily increase it by putting double or more loops over the towballs on the vehicles.

Simplify the removal of larger game:

Most hunters know how difficult it can be to secure larger game so that it is good placed for recess. FlexiTowe easily solves the problem and no / no one is needed to keep legs away or hold it in right position.

  • Start by threading the back loop over the hind leg of the game.
  • Take the strap and walk around a suitable tree or stone and back to the game.
  • Pull the strap until the animal's hind legs are raised to the position you want.
  • Fold up the front leg of the animal and thread the selected loop over the leg and release.
  • The game is now secured in the position you want and you can easily and safely remove it!

Draw game with ATV and Canada Game Sled/ Wild Pulk / Elk Pulk:

  • Insert the rear of the strap under the neck of the game, thread the front of the strap through the first loop from behind, and tighten around the game.
  • Put the strap through the hole on the sledge and select what distance you want from sledge to quad by putting any loop around the ball.
  • Secure the rest of the belt on the quad or moose pulley so that no loose part is lagging behind while driving.
  • If You need to change the distance, for example, if you are going to pass a ditch or up / down for a steep section and want to do it safely. Release the loop from the towbar. Drive past the obstacle, retrieve the strap and place a suitable loop over the towbar.

Extend the range of the ATV winch by 8.6 meters:

  • Wrap the strap around a suitable tree or other object.
  • Attach the strap either by making an eye or by using the carabiner that came with it.
  • Hook your ATV's winch wire into a loop on the drawstring.
  • Winsch up your ATV, if you are not yet loose, then release the wire  and hook again in the strap closer to its attachment point!
  • This is also how you can easily pull up moose from places you might otherwise not be able to reach, such as water, rock scraps, sunken ground! Your winch gets double the range.

Manually pull game with FlexiTowe:

  • Use a game sledge if possible, then it is easy to pull even big game beforehand if you are a few people.
  • Buy the number of accesory slings you calculate to need in the hunting team. These are sold individually with harness and heavy carbine hooks.
  • Make a snare and fit around the game's neck. (If wild boar secure preferably with one around the neck and one around the upper jaw)
  • Hook in each person's drawstring with the carbine hook in the strap's fastening loops at a reasonable distance.
  • Place the drawstrings over the shoulder and pull out the game.

Creating temporary bridge:

  • To make a stable temporary bridge you need two straps.
  • Fold two trees over the stream / ditch etc you want to cross.
  • Fold smaller trees as many as needed to make the roadway, thread them through the loops of the straps. In this way, you create a roadway that cannot slip apart.
  • When you reach the other side, secure the roadway by putting down piles in the ground on both sides in free loops.

Strength & use in, for example, raising a car out of a ditch:

  • MultiTowe can withstand 1250kg loop to loop.
  • If you need higher tensile strength, for example to pull a car up, you can easily double / triple the strength by placing double or more loops over the towballs on the vehicles.
  • Each doubling of loops that are loaded at the same time doubles the strength.


FlexieTowe is 8.6 meters, at first it can be experienced long but everything is needed. For example, when a moose is in a creek, you must pass a muddy area, must pass a difficult passage / steep up or down, etc. The function and range makes what was previously a problem or even dangerous to something you can easily solve in a safe way. !

Delivered with:

1 pc Z-aim FlexiTowe Multidragrem 8.6m
1st Carabiner Strength 1250kg
1 storage bag.

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