We are very pleased that Keepguard KG895 was named Best in Test in the cloud cameras segment in Allt Om Jakt Och Vapen 2021. Since then, the camera, cloud service has continuously improved further and has extremely good reliability, easy handling and very low power consumption.

Keepguard KG895 30MP HD 4G LTE CLOUD APP 940NM BLACK IR is the camera for you who are looking for easy handling, professional performance with the highest image quality day and night!

KG895 has everything you could want, large built-in LCD screen that shows the area the camera is shooting, removable battery compartment with space for 12x AA, powerful IR lighting that provides long range and high image quality, the SD card is not MINI-SD. Keepguard is built for maximum function, quality and maximum possible performance! With its extremely good image quality, low power consumption, sensor with extremely short reaction time and efficient motion sensor, the KG895 has become an obvious choice for many very demanding customers!

Free APP and cloud service for Android & IOS, no costs added.
Multi Notification to APP & Email. Select in the APP under About. You can get notification for: picture taken, video taken, low battery, SD card full, the camera has been moved etc.
KG895 draws some power. Very fast 4G LTE mobile device is the reason, with full coverage the images leave the camera after only 5 seconds.
IR flash technology with extremely short light pulse, extremely low standby consumption, extremely fast camera technology is a bit behind the secret.
Very clear and user-friendly APP. You simply select the settings you want and then just press save and send.
The APP library shows pictures / movies and you can quickly save / delete whichever you want.
The position of the camera can be shown on a map in the APP. Synchronize the position via the APP when setting up the camera.
Extremely short trigger speed, KG895 only needs 0.25 seconds from detection until image is taken. Other "fast" brands need from 0.6s or more. Simply means that Keppguard takes photos of what others miss!
Effective adjustable motion detector with high sensitivity and long range with superb control gives few false detections. Extreme range, photographing animals at a distance where others do not react, without being hypersensitive!
High image quality up to 30MP, day and night! Trimmed camera technology gives you the best clarity regardless of lighting conditions or distance. Get if any camera reaches the same image quality.
Powerful 48x LED 940nm IR lighting perfectly synced to when the picture is taken, longer range than most competitors simply means better night pictures! Despite its strong IR flash, the camera consumes less power than many others! Depends on better camera technology so that the flash impulse can be kept extremely short and perfectly synchronized with when the picture is taken.
Keepguard KG 895 can shoot / film in the same detection (DUAL MODE)
Well-built, waterproof, cold-resistant camera housings with IP67 rating. Guarantees perfect function regardless of weather while contributing positively to longevity. Extremely durable design, no buckles that break or water that heals!
Powered by 12x AA placed in a detachable battery compartment = easy to change batteries without kneeling or taking down the camera. Keepguard can also be operated with 12V via external power cable, solar cell with built-in batteries, 220V wall adapter.
Built-in LCD screen with direct display of the photo area! So you can easily see exactly how the camera is aimed and can easily adjust in it to get perfect pictures!
Thoughtful placement of the camera lens, it is deeply recessed in the camera body. This significantly reduces the risk of the lens misting again during temperature changes!
Free software update directly via file from us, Guarantees you can always have the very latest update installed. At the bottom of the APP's settings menu you will find the version, if a red dot lights up there is new software available! Download new software via file on our website.
Remote format SD card in the camera directly via APP, good if you suddenly do not want there to be images on the SD card in the camera.
2 year Warranty and possibility of repair and service after the warranty period and access to spare parts.
Installation KG895

It's simple: just follow the instructions below and your camera / cameras will be ready to be deployed in a few minutes. All pictures will then go to the APP's picture & film library in your phone where you can easily handle them. Regarding the choice of SIM card, avoid Raspberry & Tre = both go via 3, which does not work satisfactorily in this type of equipment. Telia & Halebop is a good choice of operator.

Starting the camera:

Insert 12 batteries (Not alkaline or NI-MH), insert SD card (correct speed 80MB / S), Insert SIM card (PIN code removed, charged with SURF only, not twin card)
Mount the antenna.
Download the APP for free from Google Play or in the App store for iOS: search for Guard Point, Keepway and you will find the right one. Otherwise, you can scan the QR code directly in the manual.
Open the APP in your phone (Your phone must be modern)
Create an account: with your e-mail and password of your choice 

Enter the confirmation code you receive via email (Check your spam)
Go to add camera.
Fill in the camera's serial number (Inside the cover of the camera)
Enter the serial number of your SIM card (Press the SIM card or scan the QR code in the camera menu)
Fill in the camera's E-IMEI number (Inside the camera cover or scan QR code in the camera menu)
Put the SIM card back in the camera and start it in setup mode.
Tap add camera to the app
Your camera is now On-line and can start sending pictures to you.
THE APP is clear and very easy to send commands from.

Open the APP, select the camera you want to set.
Press the symbol of a wheel and you will enter the menu for setting functions.
Select settings as you want, (NOTE, change the delay time from 10s to 1min) when you have gone through the menu and are satisfied, save / send the settings to the camera via the send / save button at the bottom.
Your camera receives and changes the settings according to your choices each time it becomes active and triggers. (YOU CANNOT MAKE SETTINGS DIRECTLY IN THE CAMERA BECAUSE THEY CHANGE AFTER THE SETTINGS YOU HAVE IN THE APP!
How does MOLNTEKNIKEN work and does this cost something.

Your camera needs a SIM card loaded with SURF (Cash does not work) from the operator of your choice. A popular and well-functioning choice is SURF from Telia or Hale bop loaded on a prepaid card.
Image / film is sent directly to the APP GUARD POINT in your phone / computer or tablet via cloud technology where they are then stored. If you choose to shoot, you must use a SIM card with unlimited SURF, otherwise you will run out and the camera will NOT send.
In the APP car library you can easily browse the pictures / movies.
In the APP you can easily delete / download images you want to save.
Via the APP, you can remotely format the SD card so that all images are deleted.
Multiple users can download the APP and connect to the same camera by using the same login details.
Time & Date is easily set by selecting the time zone in the list.
What performance can I expect from the Keepguard KG895?

Keepguard KG895 has camera technology that is far ahead in the development among camera cameras and takes good pictures in up to 30MP.
High picture / film quality regardless of day or night! The camera works completely automatically and weighs ultra-fast all the values ​​needed to provide the best possible images regardless of light or distance to the subject.
You can choose from image quality as needed from 5 to 30MP, as well as in low, fine, super fine quality. Which setting you choose here most determines how good the "real" image on the SD card will be. The person who goes to the APP is compressed to be sent out quickly from the camera with the lowest possible power consumption.

Keepguard's IR Flash is very powerful with 48IR lamps in 940NM wavelength. When the camera uses its full power, the flash reaches about 25-30m. The camera's technology quickly measures for each image how much IR light is needed, which means that all images are perfectly adapted to the need. An animal that is very close is well depicted as well as an animal that is far away. Despite the high power, the power consumption of the IR flash is low due to extremely short flash impulses synchronized with the short moment the picture is taken.

The camera's photo technology is developed for maximum clarity of all images. A light sensor measures the location of lightning fast and selects the correct settings and whether IR flash is needed or not. In low light conditions, IR can also be used during the day. Inexperienced game camera users sometimes find it a bit strange, but without IR to those images, you would immediately discover that details become very difficult to distinguish well in dark day images.

The motion sensor technology is well developed and perfectly synchronized with advanced camera technology. The result is that Keepguard cameras are among the fastest on the market at detecting motion and then finish taking pictures or movies, the delay is only 0.25 seconds. Fast shooting gives the user many images that all slower cameras miss and only shows a blank image. Keepguard is therefore able to perform the really tough tasks that other brands cannot handle.
The motion sensor of the KG895 is also extremely good and reads heat / motion at a very long distance without being hypersensitive. This is shown by a low number of "false" images triggered by sun / shadow without the camera for that matter failing to take pictures of game or even small birds. The motion sensor is adjustable and has the following positions: Auto, Low, Normal, High.
The camera's 4G LTE technology provides short transmission time, with good coverage often in just 5 seconds, which contributes a lot to a low power consumption. The camera's ability to maintain high signal strength is good, where the phone shows two in signal strength, the KG895 often provides full coverage. The device also uses 2 & 3G coverage.
The camera's menu contains all the functions you normally need to customize the camera as needed, and everything can be managed via the APP. You have double day timer, double Field Scan timer (timed shooting), adjustable number of pictures in 

oil: 1-9, Camera selection: Photo, movie or dual, Automatic time and date retrieval, adjustable range IR flash: short Range, Long Range, Fixed, Adjustable PIR sensor sensitivity: Auto, Low, Normal, High, Wireless transmission: ON / OFF, Selectable transmission mode (direct, daily, weekly), adjustable photo & movie quality, adjustable delay time: 1s-60min, Programmable password protection: ON / Off, remote formatting of SD cards etc.
Camera housing
Keepguard KG895 is a brand new camera model, but its camera body is well proven and well thought out and comes from KG891 which is known to be extremely durable!
Perfect control over photo view; When the camera is in test mode, you can see in the LCD display exactly the area that the camera will shoot so you can easily mount it for perfect pictures.
The door over the display and keys is really sealed and its hinges are very strong, they are suitable for use in all temperatures.
The batteries are mounted directly in a battery holder that is inserted into the camera, which makes replacement easier than on models where they are located in the back cover.
Camera Specifications: Keepguard KG895 30MP HD 4G LTE CLOUD

Maximum image size: 30MP
ISO Auto
PIR sensitivity: Auto, Low, Normal, High
Camera selection: Photo / Video / Dual
GSM: 2G, 3G / 4G LTE
Range: IR flash: 25 m-30 m; 48 LEDs 940NM
Adjustable IR strength: YES, Short Range, Long Range, Fixed
Memory card: SD or SDHC card, up to 64 GB
Image size: 30MP (6400x4800); 16MP (4736 × 3552); 5M (2592X1944);
Video quality: 1920 * 1080; 1280 * 720; 640 * 360 (
Selectable image format: YES, 16: 9, 4: 3
Image quality: Normal, Fine, Super fine
Video length 5–60 sec. programmable
Automatic operation day / night
Trigger time <0.25 s (From motion detection until photo is taken)
Recovery time: 2s
Interval 1sec-60min programmable
Shutter speed 1 / 10–1 / 2000sec.
Number of pictures in a row: 1-9
Power supply: (12 AA) Lithium batteries recommended; External power source; DC12V
Standby current <150μA
Power consumption <160 mA (1.75A when IR LED is lit)
2 x Programmable timed shooting (Field scan)
2x Programmable daily hours (Work Period)
Programmable temperature display: ON / OFF
Entering camera name: YES
Moon Display programmable: YES
Audio video programmable: YES ON / OFF
Mode of transmission: direct / daily / weekly
Mobile device / transmission: On / Off
Lens f = 7.36 mm F / NO: 2.8 FOV = 55 °; Auto IR-Cut-Remove (at night)
Display of number of pictures taken: YES
Display of remaining space on SD card: YES
Display of remaining battery capacity: YES
Password protection: YES, programmable & ON / OFF
Remote SD card formatting: YES
Date & Time: YES, automatic sink.
Display screen 2.4 inch HD color screen
USB interface, SD card; SIM card
Seat belt; Yes And tripod mount 1 / 4-20
Operating temperature -30 + 60 ℃ (With Lithium batteries)
Operating humidity 5% -90%
Security authentication FCC / CE / Rohs
Waterproof IP67
Language: Camera menu: Swedish APP: English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Finnish, Slovak, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese
Push notification is available in multi format, you can get them to your phone via the APP! You choose how and for which functions in the APP under ABOUT in the lower right corner.
To receive the notifications, you need to give the APP permission in your phone.
If you want to ensure that you receive notifications immediately, also uncheck the app from energy saving mode etc in your phone, which otherwise means that you only receive notifications when you open your phone.
Because the KG895 uses the APP, your mobile phone must be modern enough to work against the APP and camera.
The SIM card in the camera must be charged only with SURF and not cash! With cash charging, you get no pictures!
The SD card in the camera must be at least class 10 and the loading speed 80MB / s. The camera does not work with old cards with too low a read speed!
The delay time between the images must be set so that the camera has time to send the image away! The time needed depends on how good the mobile surfing signal the site is and therefore varies! 1 minute is a good basic rule, it is not enough to increase it!

Mikael / Fältjägarensjakt - Support for Keepguard bait cameras and bait alarms.
Email: keepguardsupport@z-aim.com Tel: 0735-323078

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