Z-aim Long antenna 3G, 4G, sma-contact

Item ID: HSA-1921TFM1-1-1

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The antenna Z-aim Dualband 47cm for 3G & 4G is the best choice you can make if you need to amplify the mobile network's signal strength for your camera.

The model fits all telematic cameras that have SMS contact and uses the 3G or 4G network. The antenna amplifies the signal by 12dbi which is several times more than all original antennas.

If your camera fails to transmit well with the original, this often solves all the problems while also saving a lot of power and saving money. The better coverage you have, the less time it takes for the camera to broadcast its images. Buy it for your Keepguard, Uovision, Scoutguard.

Gain / Gain: 12dBi
Frequency: 1920-2170 / 700-2700MHz
Contact: SMA male
Height: 472mm

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