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TrustFire D014 bicycle light

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1.D014 is the latest high-end bicycle light of TrustFire, Using seven CREE XM-L 2 led lights,
  brightness can reach 3200lumens.led life up to 100,000 hours!

2.Intelligent digital circuit control,point-touch switch with tail, four-mode dimming circuit,working voltage:8.4V,

   (1)High: brightness 3200LM   
   (2)Mid:  brightness 1440LM 
   (3)Low: brightness 320LM 
   (4)Strobe: press the switch for 2 seconds

3.Mirror reflective cup,high reflective effects,perfect facular,
aluminum vacuum coating for the inner surface of the mirror cup, withstand high temperstures,anti- shedding,it falls in with popular demand.  

4.Housing Material: Aviation aluminum alloy,CNC machining. 
The surface is military regulation anodic treatment as purple oxide for the head of the bicycle light and 432U oxide for the body. 
Dissipation design of the bicycle light is more reasonable, beautiful and practical. 
ensure a balanced heat for the light's long time running. 
Simple but elegant shows the high quality with wear-resisting, corrosion resistance, durable features.

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