Thermotic® - a unique material concept


Thermotic means "self-heating" and in this case means a material which heats much better than most other materials available, whether it is wet or dry, which contributes to Thermoticprodukternas unique properties.

Material Micro cells heated by the body heat of humans and animals and thereby forms a very hot insulation (wetsuit function). In order to create an optimal material flow, has a high warming effect, extremely light and suitable for use in many different types of garments have Theromotic developed a patented breathable material which looks to transport and release moisture from the body. By these features work together achieved a material with very high performance and function.

The concept consists of several layers of material in which the core consists of an eco-friendly with a unique and patented materials with a purpose-optimized cell structure. Inner and outer layer and its properties, such as cold-resistant and heat-insulating, are carefully selected and tested for every application. Besides the material is wind and water resistant, it is also dirt- and oil repellent.

Swedish design and manufacturing.

The products are usually in black. Dog Heat Blankets are also available in red with SOLAS approved reflectors for increased safety.

All products by Thermotic based on a very high quality and functional thinking and must be at its best when the weather situation is worst. We offer very light and flexible products have a long life. Our products are sewn with core spun polyester thread (chapel wire) for maximum strength, durability and water repellency. We have a very high quality approach in all components and details such as fabrics, thermal lining, buckles, Velcro, tape, reflexes, etc.


The outer fabric is a coated polyester that is treated (not floating underwear) to be water, wind, oil and dirt. The outer fabric need not be impregnated or otherwise treated.

Moisture absorbing fabric

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