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Toe Warmers 1 pair - 5 hours

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Grabber Warmers is effective toe / foot warmers that can easily be placed directly in the shoe, heats for about 5 hours. An easy way to keep your feet warm while hunting, fishing and outdoor activities. Pack a few in your backpack so you always are prepared to meet cold days out on hunt.

Grabber Toe Warmer is a chemical disposable toe / foot warmers that has a heat output of approximately 5 hours, it becomes acctivated when it comes in contact with oxygen when the bag is opened.

The heater has an adhesive backing that allows it to attach directly to the sole and held in place.

Size: S/M or M/L (men and women)
S/M - Men´s shoe 4-7, women´s shoe 5-8
M/L - Men´s shoe 8+, women´s shoe 9+

Delivered in packages of 2 pieces, one pair

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