Heaxamine (Meta) tabletter för camingkök Heaxamine (Meta) tabletter för camingkök Heaxamine (Meta) tabletter för camingkök

Hexamine/ Meta tabletter

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Meta, Heaxamine tablets a 200 g x 8 tablets. Each tablet weighs 25 grams and burns about 14 minutes. These tablets are insensitive to water and light up as easily as if they have been drowning long. Best brass you can have when the wood is a bit sour! Perfect for all nightlife, hunting and fishing! Personal favorite: Mvh Mats Lindström.

Hexamine / Meta is a very efficient fuel that develops high heat and lasts a long time. The storage time is very long and is estimated at least 10 years without loss of power.

The tablets are wrapped. Hexamine (Meta) is an optimum choice for those who want to avoid the drawbacks of spirits and gas cookers and keep the weight as low as possible!

Spirits are good but develop less heat as well as consumption, you should carry more weight and also handle liquid fuel which, in itself, means a higher fire risk.

Gas-driven kitchens are much more expensive to use and work directly badly at lower temperatures when the gas is transferred to liquid form. Especially the gas cooker gets much bigger and heavier than the kitchen for hexamine tablets because you also need to carry the whole gas bottle on day trips.

In terms of weight, capacity, purchase price and safety, the hexamine purchase is difficult, which is why they are used militaryly in many countries.

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