Diesel Heater 3KW 12V Remote kontroll Diesel Heater 3KW 12V Remote kontroll Diesel Heater 3KW 12V Remote kontroll Diesel Heater 3KW 12V Remote kontroll Diesel Heater 3KW 12V Remote kontroll Diesel Heater 3KW 12V Remote kontroll

Diesel Heater 3KW 12V Remote kontroll

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Diesel stove / diesel heater 3KW 12V with remote control, complete system, extremely easy to install! You only need to connect the cables to 12V battery, install exhaust hose, combustion air intake hose and if you want hot air exhaust hose! The idea is built into the system. Start the unit via the remote control or on the dsplay.

Perfect for those who want to warm up a hunting lodge, mountain cabin, car, dog cover, boat, garage, and more. The heating capacity is high, the entire 5KW in the highest position and with the adjustable fan effectively spreads the air in the space.

With the remote control or display, the desired functions such as temperature, power, fan, 24 hours are easily set. The range of the remote control is about 60 meters.

The combustion of diesel is completely separated from the air that is heated and blows into the space you are staying in. The system's noise level is low and easy to shield even when used in hunting lodges. The combustion is 100%, which means that the exhaust gases are almost completely odorless.

An efficient heating system wherever you do not have access to 220V power. With a 12V battery, the heater runs for many hours, if you connect the battery to a solar cell with a charge regulator you have a completely maintenance-free system. If you want to run the heater via 220V, converters are 220V to 12V as an accessory. If you use the diesel heater in a hunting lodge during the evening, you can manage a 7AH 12V battery that is easy to take home and recharge.


Very easy installation
Efficient adjustable power: 0.8-3KW
Fuel consumption: 0.1 ~ 0.3L hour
Low noise level attenuates exhaust exhaust and intake of combustion air.
Adjustable power fan spreads heat efficiently.
Hot air completely clean from pollution - never in contact with the combustion.
Efficient combustion, no exhaust odor.
The unit is easy to install inside, outside or in a separate room.
Easily expandable for hot air distribution to more than one room.
Timer control - for use in vehicles.
Can be driven around the clock, warm around the clock!
Efficient and easy backup heating for longer power cuts etc, can be powered with 12V battery or electric power.
Installation kit:

1x muffler exhaust exhaust
1x Exhaust pipe flexible metal
1x Silencer / air filter inlet combustion air
1x Flexible hose intake combustion air
1x Wall valve is blown hot air
1x Installation kit
1x Manual

NOTE: The exhaust gas hose becomes hot and must be insulated with fire-proof insulation when carried in a wall. It must not come into contact with any combustible material.

It will not be easier and cheaper to install a good heat source

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