Mini Phantom Predator Call

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The Mini Phantom Predator Call is the smallest call in its class with undistorted 8-bit sound quality and up to 110db of volume, with the ability to play two sounds simultaneously and overlap the same sound.  It is the size of a flashlight with a built-in, forward facing speaker, and boasts interchangeable Sound Sticks.  

Included is the Predator Sound Stick (Coyote Howls, Jack Rabbit, Cottontail, Woodpecker, Rodent Squeaks).  All Sound Sticks feature a mute button. 

Mini Phantom Digital Call features:
•    Interchangeable Sound Sticks
•    Best Sound Quality in its Class
•    Smallest Call in its Class
•    Up to 110 db of Volume
•    Plays 2 Sounds Simultaneously
•    Overlaps the Same Sound
•    2 Minute Distress Sounds
•    Mute Button
•    External Speaker/Headphone Jack
•    Molded Non-Slip Grips
•    Operates on 3 AAA Batteries
•    On/Off Dial / Volume Control
•    Auto Shut-Off after 2 min. at Idle
•    On/Off LED light
•    Lanyard Ring

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