Macho Moose Dual Call 2 in 1 Moose Call

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The design team and veteran moose hunters at Duel Game Calls have introduced the most authentic and easiest to use Moose Call, the 2 in 1 Moose Call.

The 2 in 1 Moose call is aptly named because not only does it produce the full range of bull grunts and cow calls, it also can be used as a reed call or a voice call.

By combining Duel Game Calls Patented Dual Chamber Technology, and a soft stretch-tone tube, hunters can impart emotion and inflection into their calling like no other call can. Adding volume is a cinch with the bottom tube being a horn, and adding realism to your call is mastered with the top tube being used for control by cupping your hand over the end and varying your calling sequences.

The reed body and sound board work in concert with each other offering three O-ring positions for deep bull grunts in the low position, cow broadcast calls and bawls in the middle position, and cow estrous whines in the high position.

With so many ways to use Duel's new 2 in 1 Moose Call, you can produce any volume of any moose vocalization.

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