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Camouflage Tape - Digital 25mm x 4.5 m

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Camouflage tape Digital / Forest 25 mm x 4.5 m made of nonwoven coated with special silicone. The tape is very good, while no residues at all of glue left behind when you remove den. Can be used multiple times, just take off and wrap up.

The tape is very easy to use also on surfaces with curved shapes. Really good to camouflage weapons, cameras, binoculars, stainless steel thermos, the legs of the sliding support, etc.

The rifle and hand binoculars are often the missing link in the quest, you have camouflagekläder in itself but exposes them when you touch them which means that they easily detected without camouflage. With camouflagetejp visible weapon incredibly much less and produce no glare. An important enough thing is also that gun, hand binoculars with tape on the ends slide on clothing and is nicely in place.

Basically developed product is a high quality bandages for medical care. That means you buy into the best type of bandage you can find. Add a pack in your backpack, you have about the accident are presented. Works to fingers, arms, legs, head.

When not using camouflagetejpen it is good to keep it in a tightly sealed bag so retained function.

Buy several colors so you can change the environment.

Available in two widths and colors: Reed / field, forest / digital and Winter.

Spec: 50mm x 4.5m

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