Docter Sight C, Camouflage, Reflexsikte 7 moa

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Docter Sight C Small, lightweight, precise and fast. Docter Sight C weighs only 25 grams and is only 2.5 cm high. With automatic brightness adjustment and a variety of mounting becomes Docter Sight C quickly your favorite in the woods or on the shooting range, where rapid, precise and instinctive shot is a must. Available in five colors: flat dark earth, Safety Orange, savage stainless, graphite and camouflage
Parallax: 40 m
Adjustment range side: 360cm / 100m
Height adjustment range: 270cm / 100m
Aiming dot size of 100 m: 3.5 MOA (10cm) or 7 MOA (20cm)
Size (L x W x H): 4.6 x 2.54 x 2,43cm
Power source: 3 V, CR 2032 coin cell battery
Weight: 25g

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