Hawke Sidewinder 30 ED SF

Long-range shooting has a very specific set of requirements when it comes to optics. The Sidewinder series of scopes delivers performance and features at an almost unbelievable value.

A 30mm mono-tube chassis provides a strong, stable platform for the optics, even when used on brutal long range calibres like the .338 Lapua. Exposed turrets allow for quick, yet precise adjustments, and a variety of magnifications mean no matter what your application or preference, Sidewinder has your long range shooting applications covered.
The Sidewinder ED 10-50×60 has been designed with patented interchangeable turrets and extra-low dispersion (ED) glass. Turrets are easy to install and are available in 1⁄4 MOA, 1⁄8 MOA and 1⁄10 MRAD.
The Sidewinder 30 SF ED models feature are supplied with a 4 inch (100mm) wheel.
18 layer advanced lens coatings are used on each lens throughout the optical system increasing light transmission and improving performance.

Models: Hawke Sidewinder 30 ED SF 8-40x56 TMX IR & Hawke Sidewinder 30 ED SF 10-50x60 TMX IR

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