Discovery VT-3 Serie


This serie scopes is characterized by the compact and robust models with a 30 mm tube made of one piece - in length from only 254 mm and weight of only 500 grams.
Choose between riticle in second image plane (non-magnifying) and with true distance between the MIL-points  at 10 X magnification or reticle in the First Focal plane (co-magnifying) which gives true Mil distance at all of the magnifications of the sight.
All the sights in the series are made with fully high quality anti-reflex lenses that give a very clear and sharp image. Massive machined torus erector tubes make the VT-3 series sights very durable.
Gas filling in combination with high quality seals makes them 100% waterproof and fogproof.
Side focus from 10 meters to infinity allows you to shoot with perfect sharpness and hit point from very close distance to long.
Push-Zero Lock 1 to 10 mile tower makes it easy to reset the towers and easily change the hit position if needed.
Comes with Honey coomb, mounts and flip-up protection with either Picatinny or Dovetail mount.

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