Rangefinder-1400m Z-aim Rangefinder-1400m Avståndsmätarens linser är Z-aim avståndsmätare sköts med en Knappen på sidan ställer om mellan direkt mätning, scanmode, meter yards Z-aim Rangefinder-1400m Laseravståndsmätaren drivs med AAA Avståndsmätare bäst i test i Jaktmarker och Avståndsmätaren kan visa både meter och Z-aim Rangefinder-1400m Z-aim Rangefinder-1400m Z-aim Rangefinder-1400m

Z-aim Rangefinder-1400m

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Förboka! Åter i Lager slutet på februari 2018!
Förboka! Åter i Lager slutet på februari 2018!





Z-aim rangefinder.

Measures right up to 1400 meters! Best in test and much appreciated among long range shooters and hunters!

A rangefinder that impresses with very high measuring capacity and function! One of our best-sellers that we have had for several years and know is extremely trouble-free and extremely good!

It measures, for example. with ease the distance to blackheads sitting on sea ice more than 600 meters away which is a clear test of strength! Out on the ice, only the bird itself can be measured and such a small reflection surface for the laser requires a very high performance laser rangefinder! Other 600m-1000m rangefinders are usually not even able to measure the distance to the grouse on ice at as short a distance as 150m.

Do you want a rangefinder that you can trust, that has no problems with long distances and hassles and meters on trees etc before your goal, our meter is an obvious choice that gives great performance at a super price!


  • Measuring range: 1400 m
  • Measurement accuracy: ± 1 m
  • 7x magnification
  • Lens diameter: 26 mm
  • The glass optics are multi-coated (multi-layer anti-reflective)
  • LCD display
  • Power Source: AAA (1.5V x 2)
  • Unit of measurement: meter / yard
  • Single button function
  • Low current warning (BATT)
  • Quality indication on recurrent laser signal (quality of measurement)
  • Automatic shutdown
  • water resistant
  • Size: 124 x 48 x 82 mm
  • Color: green
  • Weight: 200 g

Accessories: Hard case

  • Scanning mode, continuously measuring for 10 seconds
  • Single measurement, measures a distance at each pressure.

Measurement capability:

  •     GuideBoard 1400m (Does often measure out to more than 1600m)

For help choosing, read our rangefinder guide in the "Read more" link.

Also read the tests here, Hunting Fields & Fishing Water and Swedish Hunting.

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