Night Vision Binocular

Today there is a range of thermal and digital night vision binoculars out on market. Both categories have their advantages and given space. We have completely neglected to market binoculars with the classic technique of light amplification as we ourselves consider it obsolete regardless of generation.

Thermal binoculars are the model that gives you the greatest opportunity to quickly detect all living things that radiate heat. With thermal technology you can easily discover wild game if only a small part is visible. Incredibly fast to look over larger areas but also to easily discover wildlife hidden in forests that you would otherwise miss. Thermal technology is advancing very fast and the price picture has become considerably lower. There is a wide range of suppliers and manufacturers to choose from, and of course, both technology and quality vary. We have chosen to work with Chinese talented manufacturers with high quality and good cooperation. The Cono-Tech thermal hand binoculars offer high image quality, fast start-up, low power consumption, small format and good ergonomics. Well-liked and very easy to use. Available with and without video & photo function.

The digital Day & Night hand binoculars are gaining ground quickly and some are now effective tools for those who want to see out to 2-300 meters at night. The digital imaging technology has developed very fast and the image quality and range has become very good. With this technique you can clearly see details on the animals that otherwise are difficult to see with a thermal model. The biggest difference occurs when, for example, you want to see the animals horn etc. With thermic hand binoculars, these often appear very poor because they do not generate any heat. Digital models creates a pretty sharp black and white picture that lets you se horns in detail. To manage this the digital binoculars needs a source of IR light when it's really dark, the ones we sell have this built-in. Pard Digital Day & Night Viewer has built-in video recorder, photo feature and WI-FI, so you can easily document whenever you want! A perfect tool for those who are hunting wild boar, just as good during the hunt as when you want to go out and scout!

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