Caven’s Hiawataha Valley Predator Bait

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Caven's Hiawatha Valley Predator Bait

Caven's Hiawatha Valley Predator Bait is the No. 1 selling bait in the country. This is not your basic slightly aged meat bait, but rather a blend of rodent meat, castor, fox, 'rat, and mink glands, and several other ingredients that most likely aren't in any other brand of bait. Many thousands of mice go into this bait and what could be more natural than that?

This is Tim Caven's own long distance predator bait that has been used with great success across the nation for the past 26 years. This bait has been aged to a good taint and is very loud. It works very well alone or in conjunction with a good gland lure and is recommended for the dirt hole set.

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