Knife sharpener Red Steel Diamond W4070

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Red Steel Diamond Stone is an extremely safe, fast and effective way to sharpen knives. Red Steel makes all blades sharp quick and everyone can use it.

Effective diamond-clad steel grinding that constantly adapts perfectly to the knife when its pulled through the sharpener.

Red Steel Diamond is liked of butchers and chefs.
A tip: Buy one for your hunting team, it will save a lot of time during any game handling evisceration, skinning and butchering.

- Easy and safe to use
- A constant 30 ° angle ensures perfect grinding results
-Steels are coated with real diamond for maximum performance.
-BASE of Stainless steel
-Monunts easy on the countertop or is simply used with the sturdy hand grips.

Redsteel Diamond: The rods are covered with natural diamond particles providing the highest grinding capacity and maximum durability. Reed Steel Diamond has the performance to restore the edge sharpness even on a very dull knife.

Recommended for: Slaughter, kitchen, restaurant, fishing industry, hunters and home use.

Warning: We recommend wiping the knife with paper immediately after grinding as small abrasive particles may stick to the knife.

The grinding blades are replaceable if they wear out.

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