Wireless Game camera

Z-aim Hunting AB is one of Sweden's most experienced and oldest sellers of trail cameras. We have been in the industry since the early 2000s and have represented many different brands and been general agent for UOvision for 13 years. Since 2018, we are the general agent for Keepguard! In 2022 we developed our first OWN camera HuntersZone Wolf 30MP 4G Cloud in a very close collaboration with Uovision. The result is a highly efficient cloud camera that is controlled via the LinkEasi APP.

We actively participate in the development of cameras with Keepguard & our brand HuntersZone and can offer you the best possible warranty and service. An MMS/GPRS/Cloud camera offers incredible opportunities to effectively monitor basically everything you can think of: Game, home, cottage, workshop, construction machinery, airfields, companies etc. We sell surveillance cameras to private individuals, companies, police, military, government research projects, County Boards, WWF (World Wildlife Fund) etc. If you are not sure which camera suits your needs, ask us before buying and we can help you choose the right model.

Feel free to download our ÅtelkameraGuide, click - HERE

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