Dick Atkins’ ”Fox Trapping: 50 Years on the Line” Dick Atkins’ ”Fox Trapping: 50 Years on the Line” DVD

Dick Atkins’ ”Fox Trapping: 50 Years on the Line” DVD

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Dick Atkins' "Fox Trapping:  50 Years on the Line" DVD takes you to the fox trapping capital of the world in southeastern Pennsylvania.  Ride along with Dick as he explains techniques and methods gathered over the past 50 years covering it all.......from trap preparation to the fur shed.

This video is 100 minutes of pure fox trapping instruction.  Topics covered include:

  • Traps, tuning and trap preparation
  • Dirt hole and flat sets
  • Locations for fox
  • Double setting
  • Baits and lures
  • Winter fox trapping
  • Skinning and fur handling
  • And much, much more

Dick Atkins has been trapping fox since age 19.  Over the past 50 yeas he has had the opportunity to trap in PA, MD, VA, AL, ME and IA.  He trapped in PA during the $4.00 bounty days and in VA during the rabies program in 1965.  He was mentored by John Clouser, Gerald Blank and many other top trappers along the way.  Dick has been an active member of the PA trappers association and in 1979 wrote the book Eastern Fox Trapping.  In this DVD, he shares valuable information he has learned over the past 50 years.

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